Our Words Make Up The Narrative

Battle, Bravery, Suffering, Courage. These are words I have read and heard constantly since the world learned that Tony Bennet is living with Alzheimer’s Disease. With his final bow having taken place this month, some of those same statements have come back around. These words only reminded me of the great work ahead of usContinue reading “Our Words Make Up The Narrative”

If we are not visionaries in aging, are we then complacent care providers?

Stuck in-between research and the human heart is where you will find most care partners. They are family members, friends, CNAs, doctors, life enrichment teams, care community staff, and partner organizations. It is in this middle ground where the language of the academic and medical word gets shuffled around as we try to make senseContinue reading “If we are not visionaries in aging, are we then complacent care providers?”

If It Works for Everyone Else, Why Won’t It Work for Those with Dementia?

Part 2 of the conversations. To read part one check out We Went to Paris Last time we talked about going to Paris, play, theatre, imagination and those sparkle-in-the-eye moments. How by engaging creatively, we can validate and support others. So, where do we go from here? Well, that will require some reflection, honest conversations,Continue reading “If It Works for Everyone Else, Why Won’t It Work for Those with Dementia?”

Our Lenten Journey-Week Five

For many of us we will not have the Holy Week and Easter we wanted, have come to know or would desire to have. Fellow Christians from around the world mourn with you. In this last week before Holy Week, I cannot help but think how we can be co-creators with God to make theseContinue reading “Our Lenten Journey-Week Five”

Our Lenten Journey – Week Four (The Great Lent)

These Lenten reflections have been knocked off their original theme and arc, and have shifted in times of need and change. We are living our Lenten journey in ways we could not imagine before this time. The Great Lent. How are we remaining open to the will of God? How are we opening ourselves upContinue reading “Our Lenten Journey – Week Four (The Great Lent)”

Our Lenten Journey – Week Three

We are approaching Laetare Sunday, a moment during our Lenten journey when we remember the joy of our identity as an Easter People. It is a day of celebration. This year, for many of us this is the first or second Sunday we are not gathering as a faith community. We are unable to comeContinue reading “Our Lenten Journey – Week Three”