Supporting You Along the Way

I am here to help you walk this journey with dementia. Dementia is never the invited guest. It finds its way into our lives and never leaves, bringing with it, trials and fears, joys and triumphs, a change of plans, and shows us parts of ourselves that were once hidden. Let us walk together to ease the trials, and magnify the joy.

Interested in scheduling an Office Hour with me? During our 50 minutes we will be able to brainstorm program ideas, talk about support options, or find ways to naviage the dementia journey. Visit this page to scheudle an appointment. Each Office Hour time is $30 with a follow up 30 min call at time we decide during our first call.

Elements of Support

  • Helping you implement your training and certifications
  • Connecting you to resources and the care team you need.

Let’s create our shared story!