We are here to help you along the dementia journey. Whether you are a care partner, a person living with dementia, or a neighbor wanting to grow in knowledge and understanding, we are here to come together in community and support.

Becoming relational with individuals with dementia is the most important element in helping all living with dementia live the life they were created to live. We cannot provide the best care possible without first becoming relational. By communicating through words, body, emotions, and creativity, we allow ourselves to discover our shared story.  

Dementia Letters Project started as a Life Enrichment program developed 5 years ago, and soon became the overarching theme and body of work. I see the world through the lens of family and professional care partner, having had experience in both, I witnessed how putting our story out into the world became a source of healing, creativity, connection, and hope. Four elements we all deserve to have in our life.

Let us find and share our story. Work with me, sign up for the Monthly Memo, and follow me on social media @dementialetters.

Three Pillars of the Dementia Letters Project


Leading Training Workshops and Keynote addresses both digitally and in-person.

Life Enrichment

Helping develop and facilitate programs that respect the dignity and needs of each individual with dementia.


Guiding Care Partners (both family and professional) along the dementia journey.

“There is something in us, as storytellers and as listeners to stories, that demands the redemptive act, that demands that what falls at least be offered the chance to be restored.”

Flannery O’Connor


To walk with you on this Dementia Journey through education, support, and service. To culivate a community wealthy in connection, creativity, hope, and joy.


Working as an independent contractor to provide a wide range of services that help to educate, serve and support those living with dementia and our community. You, the indivudal, community, or organization are the directors. I am simply the facilitator.

Let’s find our shared story!

All of us are living with dementia so I invite you to follow along. Favorite this site, follow the blog, like and follow @DementiaLetters on social media, and join in on the conversation.