A New Adventure

The launched of something new is happening, expanding my work with Dementia Letters Project. Over the last little while, I have worked on developing a virtual community that includes a Creative Engagement and Dementia training (and hopefully a conference in the spring.) I am heading into the unknown with great excitement for what could be.Continue reading “A New Adventure”

Featured in a Member Spotlight

Back in May I was interviewed by Samaritan Ministries for their Member Spotlight. It was an honor to be featured in this way. The main article was paired with two smaller blog posts about TimeSlips and Music. Follow the links below to read the article and blog posts. Member Spotlight TimeSlips Music

Dementia Letters

This morning we have our next installment in the Dementia Letters Project from Mindy. Thank you Mindy   Dear dementia, Thank you for joining us, here on earth.  I know it’s a hard place to be; people often want you to go away—you’re simply misunderstood.  I’m accepting of your company.  You’re here for a reason,Continue reading “Dementia Letters”

Dementia Letters

Today is the start of the Dementia Letters project. As an ongoing project announced originally in May, I will post letters and thoughts written by you, by those who have a story of dementia that normally would not be heard. We hear the voices of advocates, the doom, and gloom of TV specials and spots,Continue reading “Dementia Letters”