Public Speaking and Workshops

Kathryne Fassbender is a dementia and creative engagement specialist, a dementia trainer, public speaker, and consultant. She approaches her work form the lens of both a family member and a care professional, and has been working with those living with dementia for 15 years. 

As Kathryne moved deeper into working with those living with dementia she realized how frequently family members and care partners struggled to stay/become relational with individuals with dementia. Many of these struggles are rooted in stigma, misunderstandings, and not enough information on how to remain in communion with those with memory loss and shifting ways of communication. Having been a granddaughter of someone with Vascular Dementia and a non-medical care partner she knew the lens from which she could answer the prayers of those looking to restore connection. 

She has worked in a range of settings from adult day care programs to skill-care communities, with families and with local community organizations. Kathryne has set out to lead training programs, present at conferences and events, and work one-on-one with families and life enrichment teams to strengthen skill set and help transform their approach to helping their loved ones become wealthy in community. 

Kathryne was born and raised in North East Wisconsin but now calls the Greater New York area home.

Suggested Workshops and Topics

Becoming Relational Through Creative Engagement (Cornerstone Training fit for all): In this workshop, we will explore the basics of dementia, take a look into what is creative engagement, and take time to put into practice what we learned. This workshop picks up were the standard training leaves off and takes a deep dive into how to become relational with individuals with dementia by using creativity, beauty, joy, and the basics of human connection.  

Re-Evaluating Life Enrichment (for care teams and community organizations): In this workshop Kathryne share her experience working on a Life Enrichment Team working both in the In-Home and Long-Term Care settings. She guides a conversation about struggles that the group is currently grappling with and helps them see possibilities for transformation in both the structure of the team and the programs they offer. 

TimeSlips as Theatre (for schools, care teams, community and care organizations): In this workshop Kathryne will introduce the the TimeSlips Creative Storytelling method and how to use that method of story creation to create educational theatre. The group will create a story and will be guided through the process of building a one act production that can be used both as a way to deepen the creative process and as an educational theatre piece. 

Wealthy in Faith: Creating a dementia friendly faith community (for churches and other faith based organizations): Faith and religion plays a major role in the lives of many individuals. It becomes a place of community, of ritual, of hope, and of support. For those living with dementia faith can become the foundation that ensures they live well with dementia, yet are our faith communities prepared to minister to those seeking a greater relationship with God and with others when memory starts fading? This workshop offers training in dementia, conversations about how to create or expand current ministries, and each community become a Purple Angel organization. 

Interested in hosting a workshop on a specific topic related to dementia but don’t know how to get it started? Let me know and we can partner together to offer your staff or community something they are seeking.