Training Workshops

Let us grow together in knowledge and understanding.

As individuals walking this dementia journey, we seek to continue to grow in knowledge and understanding of dementia. Having an understanding of dementia and aging from certificates, course work, and other forms of education gives us a foundation of the disease, but it does not help us understand how to become relational with others in a way that will help us cultivate a community wealthy in connection, creativity, joy, and hope. Each training offered below is blended with research and experience giving each attendee that foundation of knowledge, and an experimental component helping us learn how to become relational with dementia and apply our knowledge so that we can understand this journey a little better, becoming better partners in care each step of the way.

Interested in learning more about these training workshops or to schedule a free consultation with me to explore our partnership? Sign up for a free Office (half) Hour. During our 30 minutes we will be able to brainstorm program ideas, talk about support options, or find ways to naviage the dementia journey. Visit this page to schedule your appointment.


Each training is offered for groups of 3-15 and is adapted to the specific needs of your community or organization.

Wealthy in Connection: Building a Successful Life Enrichment Team

In every care community, the Life Enrichment team is frequently on the front lines of care, working closest to the residents yet frequently are privileged to the least amount of information. How do we shift into a thriving LET? How to we cultivate a staff that seeks to be engaged in our work in beautiful ways? How to se help them become present for the residents in ways that uphold the dignity of each individual, helping them to continue to live their unique purpose within what they CAN do? In this workshop, I run through how to hire a loyal and creative team from the manager to the specialist and help you build a calendar of events that not only has standard programming such as Bingo and Trivia but also holds programs that will offer each resident an opportunity to engage in programs they seek on both the communal and individual level. In this workshop, you will be trained in the Dementia Letters Project program and learn the DLP program development model that includes 6 pillars of a successful Life Enrichment calendar. This is a 2-hour workshop. 

Wealthy in Creativity: Creative Engagement and Dementia

Becoming relational through creativity! In this workshop, we gather together to find ways to expand our program offerings in our care communities, learn how to engage and support those still living at home, and rethink all we know about what someone living with dementia still CAN do. Joy, hope, and creativity are our foundation. We walk through your current program calendar and develop together a site-specific program for your team to implement. This workshop is also adaptable to the community to help theaters offer improv workshops for those living with dementia, libraries to offer Memory Cafés, communities to develop a dementia chorus and more. Let us come together to be imaginative, playful, and create something new, something better, something good.  In this workshop, we will explore the basics of dementia, look into what exactly is creative engagement, and take time to put into practice what we learned. This workshop picks up were the standard training leaves off and takes a deep dive into how to become relational with individuals with dementia by using creativity, beauty, joy, and the basics of human connection.This training is a full-day training with a lecture in the morning and experiential in the afternoon. Knowing not all staff can take a full day away from their roles, it is flexible to come in and out when needed. This is a Cornerstone Workshop.

Wealthy in Faith: Becoming the Hem of Christ Through Our Ministry 

Faith and religion plays a major role in the lives of many individuals. It becomes a place of community, of ritual, of hope, and of support. For those living with dementia faith can become the foundation that ensures they live well with dementia, yet our faith communities are often under-prepared to minister to those seeking a greater relationship with God and with others when memory starts fading? This workshop offers training in dementia, conversations about how to create or expand current ministries, and upon completion of the training each community will become a Purple Angel organization. This program is also for care communities seeking to better serve their residents, helping them grow in their own faith. I approach this training from the lens of a Catholic, but I have a group of individuals and faith leaders of all denominations who work as advisors when needed. (This training is offered on a sliding scale, so please don’t hesitate to ask. We can discuss a fee that works for you during your fee office hour session.) This is a 1-2 hour workshop depending on the needs of the community. 

Wealthy in Joy: Living a 3-Dimensional Care Partner Life

We are called to live Fully Alive! This call does not end when we become care partners. While the roles we play may shift and transform, the balance of what seeks our attention is not what we have known it to be, we are still called to live fully alive. This workshop is for care partners, both family and professional, to explore how to live fully alive while being a care partner on the dementia journey. We will examine the roles we play, wish to pay and have played. We will look at how we can still become the person we were created to be while also giving ourselves selflessly in service of those we care for. This workshop is part training, part support group, and is part of the Entering the Secret Garden Theatre Initiative. It is a 2-3 hour workshop depending on the size of the group and is on a sliding price scale. 


(On hold until further notice as all trainings are now held online and through live video)

Do you want to help others live a joyful, hopeful, beautiful life with dementia? By entering into creative engagement we can become relational with others in new and successful ways.

This training was created to help you, Life Enrichment Teams, CNAs, HHAs, and other care partners (both professional and family) develop the skills you need to grow in relationship and connection with individuals with dementia. Backed by research, experience, and reflection.

Over the course of 6 sessions, through video, a workbook, office hours, and community engagement we will explore the basics of dementia, taking a look into what is creative engagement, and putting into practice what we learned. This workshop picks up were the standard dementia training leaves off, and takes a deep dive into how to become relational with individuals with dementia by using creativity, beauty, joy, and the basics of human connection.

For more information and to register, please visit the training’s Eventbrite page. The training is planned out to be completed over the course of 6 weeks, or at your own pace. The matierals will be sent out to you after you register and all videos will be through a YouTube (Unlisted) Playlist. Successful completeion includes watching all videos, completeing the workbook, answering community questions, and signing up for 2 Office Hours with me. At this time I cannot offer any CEUs for the training. 

This training can be taken as a one-time event, or if you become an Attendee on Patreon you will have unlimited access and guidance to this and other services and products.

While gathering in-person is always best, sometimes life prevents this from happening. Each workshop is offered online through live and recorded sessions. In addition to the workshops you see here, I also offer the option to form a site-specific workshop that fits the needs of your community and organization. This site-specific workshop is recorded and although remains the creative and intellectual property of Kathryne Fassbender and the Dementia Letters Project, the organization it was created will own a copy of the workshop and is free to use for all staff. 

Training per Individual | $250

This is for groups 10 and under who sign up for my Creative Engagement and Dementia training or for a training that we work together in partnership to create for your staff or community. 

Training for Groups 10+ | $1,800

This is for group so more than 10 who sign up for my Creative Engagement and Dementia training or for a training we work together in partnership to create for your staff or community.