Serve and Support

On this path to becoming a recognized non-profit organization in partnership with the Dementia Letters Project. Please consider donating to the Hem of Christ. Websites, ministry work, and the tech needed to ministry to those we serve during this time all take time and money. If it be in your heart, please prayerfully consider donating of time and finance to help us bring the hem of Christ to those on the dementia journey.

The Hem of Christ at this time cannot offer a tax deductible donation, however, we are in the process of filing for such status. If you would still like to donate to help us with our start up costs, please contact Kate Fassbender to make a donation.

Current needs: Start up tech and printing costs, and Advent Retreat expenses.

If you have a specific desired use for your donation, please don’t hesitate to specify at time of donation.

Interested in volunteering with the Hem of Christ? We are looking for individuals to help with social media, parish outreach, and Memory Café hosting. Fill out the form below to help bring the hem of Christ to your parish community!