The Hem of Christ

Since 2013, the Dementia Letters Project has provided resources, services, and support to those seeking to continue living in the fullness of their faith after a diagnosis of dementia. In the spring of 2021, Kate realized that the work through this ministry deserved its own platform, its own space and thus started a sister (filing) non-profit. While faith will always be woven into the Dementia Letters Project, head on over to The Hem of Christ to learn more about what we offer to help you live the dignity of your faith.

About the Ministry

Faith that cures. Those living with dementia hold that in their hearts, and while cannot cure them of dementia, we can help them continue to draw close to the Lord, healing them of the distress, fear, and isolation dementia invites into our lives.

Faith does not jump out the window when dementia walks through the door. Memory may diminish, but our spirit still thirsts for Christ. While the health care industry strips one of their faith because of their diagnosis of dementia, we, the Hem of Christ Ministry, seeks to help them return to the sacraments, grow in faith, and live fully alive. We can bring the hem of Christ to others.

To equip those living with dementia with the tools they need to live the dignity of the faith.