May I Introduce To You…

Every Thursday in April over on the Facebook Page, I introduced a few people that I follow. Many are dementia specific, others aging, and some about life.  I want to share with you today these individuals and organizations.   Amy’s Place OMA (Opening Minds Through Art Imagine That! Playscriptions Shay’s Way NYU Aging Incubator Top-NotchContinue reading “May I Introduce To You…”

A Bluetiful Life

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the founder of Top-Notch Teams, Allison Lazicky, by Mindy Bolton of Playscriptions. During my conversation with Allison, she asked me if I would write a blog post for her site on the topic of, “Life is Bluetiful,” that would join a series she started back in September.Continue reading “A Bluetiful Life”