Where to Find Me

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Learn where you might be able to visit me in person or find me on the pages of the internet. If you wish to have me on your podcast or speak at your event please feel free to contact me at dementialettersproject@gmail.com.


Bluetiful: Celebrating Kindness Leaders


NYU Educational Theatre and Drama Therapy: Theatre and Health Forum, New York, NY – April 12-13th 2019 – TimeSlips as Theatre: Providing Intergenerational Healing Through Storytelling

Aging in America Conference, New Orleans, LA – April 14-18th 2019 – Re-Evaluating Life Enrichment

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s Educating America Tour November 1st 2018 – Milwaukee, WI – Becoming Relational


Distinctive Renovations – Focusing on Aging in Place education and consulting