May we grow together in Knowledge and Understanding Together. 

As individuals walking this dementia journey, we seek to continue to grow in knowledge and understanding of dementia. Having an understanding of dementia and aging from certificates, course work, and other forms of education gives us a foundation of the disease, but it does not help us understand how to become relational with others in a way that will help us cultivate a community wealthy in connection, creativity, joy, and hope. 

I have developed each workshop on the foundation of research and experience. It comes from a place of my own growth and listening to the needs and stories of others. Each attendee will build an “ArtBin” of skills, allowing them to be fully present for those they serve, their family, and themselves. The structure of our time together will be a blend of lecture, group conversations, and an experiential component. We will grow and explore together ways to apply our knowledge and understanding so that we may understand this journey a little better, becoming better partners in care each step of the way.

The Details

Time Investment:  60-90 minutes except for the Wealthy in Creativity Certification is 8 hours over two days or 8 weeks, depending on your needs.

Average Attendance Size: 6-25 people; however, I have also enjoyed working with groups of up to 65 individuals. 

Workspace: Digitally and In-Person



  • Wealthy in Creativity: Creative Engagement and Dementia


  • Wealthy in Connection: Building a Successful Life Enrichment Team
  • Wealthy in Creativity: Creative Engagement and Dementia (Elements of the Certification)
  • Wealthy in Faith: Becoming the Hem of Christ Through Our Ministry
  • Wealthy in Joy: Living a 3-Dimensional Care Partner Life
  • Becoming a Purple Angel – Free to all community organizations

Financial Investment: 

$250 per person (Sliding scale offered for families, students, and emerging professionals) 

$1,800 for Groups of 10-25

$5,000 for Full Organization training with a free 6-month (45-minute) refresher training.

Each workshop comes with handouts, a free 30 min follow up call (within the first 3 months after workshop date) with the attendees that can be done as a group or one-on-one, and 35% off any Life Enrichment program facilitation for your loved one or community.

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