The Joy of Dementia

The Joy of Dementia (You Gotta Be Kidding!) © is the creation of Mary Fridley and Susan Massad MD and hosted by the East Side Institute.

The 90-minute workshop is open to all on the dementia journey, whether you are a care partner, care professional, individual living with dementia, or a community member, to come together and explore how play and improv can help us live fully alive with dementia. I, along with Emma Finn, Thecla Farrell, and Martha McCoy, joined Susan and Mary in January of 2020 to facilitate the workshop both in-person and digitally.

Elements of the Workshop

Cultivating our Dementia Ensemble.

Exploring connection by spending time playing together using improv games.

Supporting the community we have build during our time together, through questions, pondering, and creating.

Want to Book a Workshop?

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