The Hem of Christ

We are all the woman reaching out to touch the Hem of Christ. Through our prayers, our interactions with our faith community, our church attendance, we seek healing from the many things that ail us in this world. We seek healing for physical, mental, emotional, financial, relational, spiritual pain. We cry out to God to be merciful and bring us peace. We pray for miracles and angels. We search for meaning for our pain and pray for healing, not knowing who long our pain might last or if it will end. We are all the woman reaching out, believe that we will be healed, if only we touch a thread from Christ’s garment. 

While we are all seekers in need of healing, we are also the hands and feet of Christ. Because of us, He can answer the prayers of others. As individuals living with dementia, as care partners, family and friends, and as community members, we become the hem of Christ for those seeking healing in the life and those walking with us on the dementia journey. 

Over the years, others have reached out to me, and I have long since dreamt of finding a way to reach back out to these individuals in a new way. It will take a visionary and creative approach to shift the current narrative of dementia and faith, to reach back out and to help heal, but it can be done.

The Hem of Christ Ministry, originally the St. Dymphna Dementia Ministry, started in 2013, it has evolved and changed to meet the needs of current clients and community members. Through this ministry, we serve those seeking to grow in faith, in search of healing, through: 

  • Visiting of the Sick and Homebound – Bringing the Eucharist to Catholics
  • Wealthy in Faith Workshop: Learning how to Minister to those Living with Dementia
  • Weekly Prayer Intentions via Social Media
  • Advent and Lenten Reflections
  • Lessons in the Saints – Life Enrichment Program
  • Community Connections – Connections you to Spiritual Directors, Faith Communities, and other resources to help you on your faith journey. 
  • Various Blog Posts and Guest Blog Posts
  • And more to come as I am actively expanding this ministry.

While I am Catholic, and view faith through that lens, I can connect you with others across the Midwest, Greater New York, and New England regions, who live and practice various faith traditions. 

We learn through the beauty of art. We connect through our shared stories. We find the hem of Christ in one another.

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