We are not created to walk life alone. This is true for all of us, regardless if dementia has entered our lives or not. Yet, dementia is the uninvited house guest, finding its way into our lives, with its trials and fears, joys and triumphs, a change of plans, and shows us parts of ourselves that once were hidden. It works hard to separate us from our community, those we love, and ourselves.

May I walk with you on this, your care partner journey? Whether you are a professional or family care partner, you deserve a community, a support person, a guide. Let us walk together to ease the trials and magnify the joy.

I am here to play a range of support roles, depending on your needs. I seek to help you enact the vision you have for your life both now and beyond. Some of these services are free, and some or offered at a low cost. Some are one-time connections, while others are built over time.

For the Family Care Partner

As you meet with those on your care team, from social workers to geriatric care managers, to doctors, and care community administrators, you may find yourself needing someone to help advocate for you and your loved one. Or you may need someone to connect the dots of all the messages and information coming your way. Through Care Partner Support Calls and Visits, I can guide you through this journey. If you need someone to listen (outside of the clinical world) as you experience the range of emotions, I am here. And, if the time comes when you need to enter into a therapeutic or clinical relationship, I can connect you to a wealth of incredible individuals, from creative arts therapists to social workers, and spiritual counselors that can be your next level of support.

For the Professional Care Partners

As someone who once held this role, I know the first sting and subsequent numbness that your job may cause. You should never be left alone, without an advocate or a listening ear. I am here for Care Support Calls as well. During these calls, we can talk about your role, what you need, what you desire, and what causes the greatest amount of stress and anxiety about your job, without the uncertainty of approaching HR, your manager, or others in your community. I seek to provide you with the tools you need to live fully alive as you serve those in your care.

Who I Partner With

  • Care Communities
  • Long-Term Care Communities
  • Adult Day Programs
  • Skilled Care Communities
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Care Organizations (such as in-home care and memory care programs)
  • Directly with Families
  • Arts Organizations
  • Universities and Schools
  • Community Members
  • Artists, Clinicians, and Medical Professionals

How We Work Together

  • Helping you implement your training and certifications.
  • Connecting you to resources and the care team you seek.
  • Sharing stories of dementia through the blog.

Elements of Our Work Together

  • The Hem of Christ Ministry
  • The Three-Dimensional Care Partner Project
  • Care Partner Support Calls
  • The Blog
  • Family Consultation
  • Care Community Team Consultation
  • Resource Library
  • Connect and Create Institue

Let’s create our shared story!