Essential Oils/AromaTherapy

In partnership with NeuroEssence, we explore and support care communities, organizations, and care partners in their use of Essential Oils as a way to attain health and wellness in a non-pharmacological way. Their mission is to create and provide practical education and support opportunities to optimize and rehabilitate brain and emotional health using pioneered alternative therapies and approaches to care to make a paramount impact and enrich the lives of self and others.

About NeuroEssence

Founded by Dr. Jennifer Stelter, Psy.D., CDP, CADDCT, CCTP and Jessica Ryan, CDP in 2018

Offering a wide range on support programs for those living with dementia and their care partners.

I joined their Affiliate and Wellness Team in 2020.

Essential Oils can be one of the best additions to your communities offering (both for residents/clients and staff) for brain health, mood support, and physical health.

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