Projects and Services

Helping you along the dementia journey, seeing the world through the lens of care professional and family member.

Come and let us find our shared story along this dementia journey.

Each program you see below will be offered online and through phone, video chat, and social media. If you are interested in participating in a training workshop, or life enrichment program please give me a call at 920-268-4554 or email me at to schedule a time. I have also opened up Office Hours and am offering this service at 50% off ($15) and is open to all. If you have a loved one that could use a call, a postcard, or a connection who would normally be involved in community events and programs and is no longer able to participate, please let me know and I will offer digital and mailed Life Enrichment Programs for free during this time. Please stay safe and healthy. I am here for you!

Training Workshops (Online)

Let us grow together in knowledge and understanding. the Dementia Letters Project’s Cornerstone training: Creative Engagement and Dementia > In this workshop, we will explore the basics of dementia, take a look into what is creative engagement, and take time to put into practice what we learned. This workshop picks up were the standard training leaves off and takes a deep dive into how to become relational with individuals with dementia by using creativity, beauty, joy, and the basics of human connection.

Office Hours for Care Partners (Both Family and Professional)

I am here to help you walk this journey with dementia. Dementia is never the invited guest. It finds its way into our lives and never leaves, bringing with it, trials and fears, joys and triumphs. It is a change in plans, and shows us parts of ourselves that were once hidden. Let us walk together to ease the trials, and magnify the joy.

Entering the Secret Garden (A New Theatre Initiative)

Entering the Secret Garden is a theatre initiative hosted by the Dementia Letters Project, that over the course of the next three years will become host to three different productions, Becoming the HEM of Christ, Entering the Secret Garden, and To War and Back. Each production will be intergenerational with a cast and crew comprised of individuals with dementia and care partners (family and professional) and will be produced at the community level.

Free Offerings through the Dementia Letters Project

The Dementia Letters Project Podcast

The Hem of Christ Ministry: Blending the Faith and Dementia Journey

Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Training