In the ArtBin

AKA Services and Programs

Why must it always be a tool box? Why not an ArtBin?

I have always wondered why it must be a toolbox. My ArtBin has a lot of the same tools that my toolbox holds, but with the added joy of paint, pastels, markers, and other art supplies. Below you will find what I carry in my “ArtBin.” (Also known as services and products)

The world is asking of us something new. A new way of creating, being and serving others. During this time of COVID-19, this page is being revamped so that I might best serve you. It is time for us to get creative, so, if there is a program or education need regarding dementia, life enrichment, and creative engagement please reach out and let us create something together.

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Interested in partnering with me to bring a dementia workshop or program to your community or organization? Seeking support on your care partner journey? Fill out the form below. I look forward to meeting you and walking with you on this dementia journey.