Life Enrichment Program Examples

Below is a list of programs I have developed for care communities to use as part of their programming. Each program is developed with the community in mind and backed by research. To learn more about these programs or explore a program development for your community please email me at

A Deeper Look 

Examining history, art, culture, and other topics of interest through the process of TimeSlips Storytelling and group conversations.

Movement and Art

An art making process, studying the movements of the arm and body that an artist may have used to create some of the great works of art.  

TimeSlips Storytelling (Certified TimeSlips Facilitator)

Creative storytelling that starts with an image (have expanded into music and dance as well) and asking beautiful questions. 

Hands of  Time

Using photographs of one’s hands to create a personal narrative that can be shared with staff, family, friends, and visitors. 

On this Day

A deep dive into history and culture in small bits and pieces that encourages storytelling, connection, and creativity. 

Prayerful Art

An art making process that is made during prayer. 

The Changing Landscape of Women in the Workplace

Meeting as a women’s group to share stories of the roles we played. From farm life to business owner, and how they compare to the jobs our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and neighbors are doing today. Sharing our life experiences through letters to these women about the lessons we learned and what we want to share with them. 

Dear Friend 

An intergenerational program that sends letters, postcards, videos, and stories to area schools and after-school programs. 

The Songs We Sing 

A music making program that listens to music, and participates in drum circles,  singing, and the playing of instruments.