Mission and Vision


To accompany others on the Dementia Journey through education, life enrichment, service, and ministry. To cultivate a community wealthy in connection, creativity, hope, and joy.


Working as an independent contractor to provide a wide range of services that help to educate, serve and support those living with dementia and our community. You, the individual, community, or organization are the directors. I am simply the facilitator.

Let us write our shared story!

My Commitment to Continuing Education

Each year I seek ways to continue to grow in knowledge and understanding, both informally and formally. Above and beyond what is required to maintain any certifications I may have, I participate in monthly CE webinars, workshops, and courses hosted by universities, conferences, and other dementia-based organizations.

I also value greatly the growth that happens when we work with and listen to those living with dementia. These individuals provide an education that surpasses anything one might learn in a textbook or lecture.

The (not so) Fine Print

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Thank you for visiting Dementia Letters Project’s website, and for trusting me to guide you along your dementia journey. 

From time to time there will be an affiliate or referral link on the pages of this site that will lead to me earning a small commission should you sign up or make a purchase. By using the links shared here, you are not affected (unless the link allows you to use a discount code) so may you find comfort in using the links when you shop. I am grateful for your support, each little bit helps me provide my services to those who might not otherwise be able to hire me. 

Thank you for helping me (and others) write our shared story together. 

I would like to thank WordPress, Canva, Cathopic, and UnSplash for helping me create our story here on the pages of the internet.