Purple Angel Ambassador

Committed to helping all with dementia live well within their community, Dementia Letters Project is please to offer any community organization, place of worship, or business the option to become a Purple Angel. By becoming a Purple Angel you make the commitment to increase in knowledge and understanding in dementia and how to best serve those living with memory loss.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of American Partner in Care

Since 2017, Kate is please to be an AFA Partner in Care.

TimeSlips Certified Facilitator

Certified in 2016, and trained in developing Creative Communities of Care, Kate works with groups and individuals to build stories using the TimeSlips method, and create beautiful moments.


Joining the affiliate team in 2020, Kate works with Dr. Jennifer Stelter and Jessica Ryan to look beyond medication as the sole option for care, and seeks first to find non-pharmaceutical approaches through helping care partners increase in knowledge of health and the use of essential oils.

Joy of Dementia

Creating the Dementia Ensemble for the person living with dementia and for the care partner, through play and performance, and thus discovering the gifts and joys of dementia. In partnership with the work of Mary Fridley, Susan Massad, and the East Side Institute.

Silver Dawn

As a Certified Dementia Communications Specialist, I seek to help build relationships and connection through beautiful interactions with others, knowing that our communication is more than the words we do or do not speak. 

Previous Partnerships

Aging in Place and Dementia – In partnership with Distinctive Renovations ATW – 2018/2019 

The Cost of Aging – In partnership with UW Wisconsin Continuing Education Department – 2015/2016

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