Dementia Letters Project Certificate

Certifications should not be a collection of warm fuzzies, but something we learn, explore, and put into motion. Certifications should be something we see in our iterations with others, not letters behind our name or a resumé point. The Dementia Letters Project Certificate in Creative Engagement seeks to help you become the best care partner you could possibly become!

Over this 8-hour certification course we explore

  • What we understand about dementia and where we need to grow
  • What is creativity and how we are in our own way deeply creative
  • What is creative engagement and what it is not
  • The research behind creativity in care and dementia
  • How each member of the care team can participate in creative engagement
  • How we can deepen our current care offerings to enter into creativity
  • Creating new programs and care plans infused with creativity/creative engagement
  • The work being done across the globe that we can add to, and look towards when we are not feeling creative or inspired

This certificate can be done online or in-person, accomplished in 2 weeks or in 2 months.

Certification Course
3-Year Renewal
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