Autumn. New Beginnings. Seeking Depth.

I remember a time when saying, Autumn was your favorite season, resulted in people looking at you like you had something on your face. It was the season people didn’t want to see arrive. Yet now, it feels like EVERYONE loves the season. For me, it is a time of new beginnings, a time forContinue reading “Autumn. New Beginnings. Seeking Depth.”

Apple Season!

It’s Apple Season!  A time for that idyllic apple orchard photoshoot, apple pie, applesauce, apple crumble, apple cider, and well, just sitting down with some good old eating apples. Memories flood my mind of times of heading over to Star Orchard with my grandma and my parents. Of running into my grandmother’s and being filledContinue reading “Apple Season!”

Community and Aging – Why We Need It! Pt. 1

As we age, memory is often a topic of discussion. We worry about if what we are going through is normal or something more. Many of us enter a moment of denial and put off going to the doctor to see what is going on. Memory impairment is caused by many things. Stress, low sodium,Continue reading “Community and Aging – Why We Need It! Pt. 1”

What Does it Mean to Be An Innovator?

What does it mean to be an innovator? To go out into the unknown and create something that has never been before? It often means creating something from scratch, with no research, no funding, no team already assembled, and to build, brick by brick, outreach by outreach a better world. It means to be creative.Continue reading “What Does it Mean to Be An Innovator?”

The Glory of God is a Human Fully Alive

Do we truly believe that an individual with dementia can be fully alive? I think most of us would answer a resounding, YES!, but do our actions back that “yes” up? I think we fall short on that “yes” time and time again. Heck, replace “dementia” with “older adult,” and I think we fail yetContinue reading “The Glory of God is a Human Fully Alive”

If We Caved to Ageism

Collectively we fear aging. So much so, that in recent months a push to talk about ageism has sprung up faster than weeds in the field. Ageism is now in discussion at all ends of the spectrum, and the negative impact of ageism struck me this morning more than it usually does.  18 years agoContinue reading “If We Caved to Ageism”

Re-Evaluating Life Enrichment: Becoming Visionaries

Life Enrichment teams live in the in-between. They are not medical care providers, nor do they fall under “skilled care.” They are not family, yet frequently are seen as such. Though it is a universal trial to keep our care communities and organizations staffed and staffed well, it is especially difficult for the LE teamsContinue reading “Re-Evaluating Life Enrichment: Becoming Visionaries”

The Ripple Effect of Assumptions

Assumptions can sting, can’t they? But, we do it all the time about ourselves and others based on the past and what we know about a person. So often, these assumptions are not entirely correct and can limit (or try to limit) a person, preventing them from achieving success, in accomplishments both large and small,Continue reading “The Ripple Effect of Assumptions”

Morning Routines? For Care Partners?

As care partners, we cannot rely on that perfect morning routine we read so much about and follow the somewhat universal belief that if you start the day “right” you are setting yourself up for success. Elements are true, but we cannot stress when our day begins in a way that is eons from thatContinue reading “Morning Routines? For Care Partners?”