American Girl Doll and Dementia

Who said you can’t bring your fullest self into the care partner relationship? What’s stopping you? My obsession with history and my curiosity about others was ingrained into my DNA and part of my interests long before I picked up my first American Girl Doll. For many of us, the toys we play with andContinue reading “American Girl Doll and Dementia”

Escaping the You-Ra-Ra of Awareness and Advocacy

What do you do when the “you-ra-ra” of an awareness and advocacy moment ends? What do you when it starts? This month is Older Americans Month, and next month is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. I have already started to see the events for the Longest Day gearing up. These dedicated months shine the spotlightContinue reading “Escaping the You-Ra-Ra of Awareness and Advocacy”

Getting Rid of the “Reluctant Care Partner”

When did caregiving become something that is so incredibly shameful? When did it become a burden instead of a gift or purpose in life? The reluctant care partner has become the socially acceptable way to refer to oneself, and it has me wondering what it truly means to work in service of another’s care. SinceContinue reading “Getting Rid of the “Reluctant Care Partner””

The Upper Room After Care

As we draw closer to Holy Week, to the death and Resurrection of Christ, I am reminded of the time Christ’s disciples spent in the upper room, partly in fear, partly in doubt (St. Thomas I am looking at you!), partly in joy, waiting for the next sign. As I think of what these momentsContinue reading “The Upper Room After Care”

Death and Dying Shouldn’t Be Awkward

A microscope is on death. But have we learned anything about how to accompany someone through the process of dying, death, and grief?  We have found ourselves talking about death more these past few months. But we still fear it. We express our desires to support others as their loved one passes. But we stillContinue reading “Death and Dying Shouldn’t Be Awkward”

January is the Recombobulation Area of the Year

January is the Recombobulatin Area of the year. We go through the excitement, the rush, and sometimes the stress of the holidays and find ourselves on the other side of the season needing to put ourselves back together, clear our heads, and figure out where we are going next. If you have ever traveled throughContinue reading “January is the Recombobulation Area of the Year”

Cost Transparency in Aging and Dementia

There is a need for greater cost transparency in our health care and aging system. There is a need for us to re-examine the worth associated with various services, actives, and positions within the aging and dementia services and professions. There is a need to talk about the cost of aging!