Re-Evaluating Life Enrichment: Becoming Visionaries

Life Enrichment teams live in the in-between. They are not medical care providers, nor do they fall under “skilled care.” They are not family, yet frequently are seen as such. Though it is a universal trial to keep our care communities and organizations staffed and staffed well, it is especially difficult for the LE teamsContinue reading “Re-Evaluating Life Enrichment: Becoming Visionaries”

Innovation Over Fear

When I think of all that is wrong with aging and dementia care, the list is long, both specific and vague, and quite frankly, overwhelming. I think of how stale this industry has become. How afraid we are of changing what has been even when we know it is not working. We hide behind certificationsContinue reading “Innovation Over Fear”

Next Steps for the Hem of Christ Ministry

Faith can pull us through our struggles, fears, anger, and our sadness. Faith helps us hold onto the light of our joy and successes in times of darkness. As we journey with dementia, our lives continue to experience a range of emotions, trials, and joys, so why does our faith get crossed off the listContinue reading “Next Steps for the Hem of Christ Ministry”

The Ripple Effect of Assumptions

Assumptions can sting, can’t they? But, we do it all the time about ourselves and others based on the past and what we know about a person. So often, these assumptions are not entirely correct and can limit (or try to limit) a person, preventing them from achieving success, in accomplishments both large and small,Continue reading “The Ripple Effect of Assumptions”

The Damage of Hustle Culture

“Look forward! Just Grind” was the response I received after asking how the past few months have gone for an individual professionally and personally. There is something about that word, “Grind” that grates on me. Yes, we want to work hard, but have we thought about the need for silence, reflection, and slowing down? HaveContinue reading “The Damage of Hustle Culture”

Morning Routines? For Care Partners?

As care partners, we cannot rely on that perfect morning routine we read so much about and follow the somewhat universal belief that if you start the day “right” you are setting yourself up for success. Elements are true, but we cannot stress when our day begins in a way that is eons from thatContinue reading “Morning Routines? For Care Partners?”

A Person-Centered Invitation

Over 20 years ago, Tom Kitwood introduced the world to Person-Centered Care. That was in 1997. It is now 2021. Where have we taken his invitation? Person-centered care has become a buzzword, a warm fuzzy to slap on a marketing brochure or announce at a conference, or talk about in a YouTube video. Yet, areContinue reading “A Person-Centered Invitation”

American Girl Doll and Dementia

Who said you can’t bring your fullest self into the care partner relationship? What’s stopping you? My obsession with history and my curiosity about others was ingrained into my DNA and part of my interests long before I picked up my first American Girl Doll. For many of us, the toys we play with andContinue reading “American Girl Doll and Dementia”

Escaping the You-Ra-Ra of Awareness and Advocacy

What do you do when the “you-ra-ra” of an awareness and advocacy moment ends? What do you when it starts? This month is Older Americans Month, and next month is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. I have already started to see the events for the Longest Day gearing up. These dedicated months shine the spotlightContinue reading “Escaping the You-Ra-Ra of Awareness and Advocacy”

If we are not visionaries in aging, are we then complacent care providers?

Stuck in-between research and the human heart is where you will find most care partners. They are family members, friends, CNAs, doctors, life enrichment teams, care community staff, and partner organizations. It is in this middle ground where the language of the academic and medical word gets shuffled around as we try to make senseContinue reading “If we are not visionaries in aging, are we then complacent care providers?”