A New Partnership

Well, here we are three days after we last “spoke” with each other. Time got away from me and the posts just never made it up. It was a holiday weekend and I was spending it with my family, not always relaxing, but doing things somewhat together and for each other, and before I knew it the weekend was gone. Isn’t that what life and care are about? You spend time with family and friends focusing on what is important at that specific moment. It is not always sitting and eating ice cream together, nor is it trying to get to an appointment, it is a fluid and flexible mix of life’s tasks with life’s pleasures, spending time with each other in a variety of different ways. Now that the weekend is over, and some imaginative normality has set back in, allow me to pick up where we left off with a double post today.  

Last week we looked at where I have been with this work. What this last year has looked like, and what formation has brought me to the completion of one year. On Friday I introduced my present, where I would like you to enter into this story of ours. I invited you to write a letter. Please do! I will publish my example soon. Today, I want to talk about where we are going. I want to share with you a new partnership that has formed. 

The world of caregiving is made of many silos. You might have heard someone say this before. We are categorized with few pathways and bridges between the different thoughts and care models, and the different fields that work in the industry. Two of these silos are those specializing in dementia care and the remodeling industry. There is a gap of knowledge and communication between these two groups. Universal Design and Aging in Place focuses on the design and remodel elements but fails to connect with a dementia specialist, and a dementia specialist fails to partner with design and remodeling specialists. This brings about a new partnership between Distinctive Renovations and Bonae Memoriae. 

Distinctive Renovations is an award-winning Design, Remodel, Historic Restoration firm in Appleton, WI, specializing in making new designs flow seamlessly into the architectural style of the home, while serving the client’s present needs. Gary Fassbender, CAPS and Susan Fassbender, UDCP are the owners, and also my parents, although this is not a partnership formed simply because of our family connections. Our hope is that this new partnership between Bonae Memoriae and Distinctive Renovations can lead the charge, helping those living with dementia live well, regardless of where and what they call home.

It came about one night at the dinner table after I had experienced a webinar where someone talked about aging in place, but had no knowledge of remodeling, and my parents mentioned a client they were working with whose spouse has dementia and was looking for assistance. I saw a place where we could come together professionally and help others do the same, all while improving how individuals with dementia and their families live. Not everyone with dementia can live safely or well at home for any number of reasons, but for those who do find themselves able to live at home, after discerning the right path, they deserve every chance to be able to live safely, comfortably, and well at home.  Our hope is to start a conversation between professions, to help families seeking advice and help remodel or adapt their home, to help both parties understand the lens through which the other sees the job. 

We are just beginning. Our hope it to role out blog posts, educational tools, quick read information, and to be a consultant and open ears for CAPS, UDCP, families, individuals with dementia, and others.  A further post is to come that will help explain how to get in touch with us for consulting or training session.  

Bridging the knowledge of design and remodeling with the knowledge of dementia and aging.

Published by Kathryne Fassbender

Creative Gerontologist, Speaker, Catholic Innovator. I am also the granddaughter of someone who lived with Vascular Dementia.

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