A Community of Wealth

A workshop series that helps us live wealthy in community, creativity, faith, and hope.

Just as a craftsman or an artist continues to hone their craft, so too must care partners and others working as aging and dementia professionals.

As family care partners, many of us come to this role without a smidge of training, and are thrust into this world doing what we can but often seeking new and better information about how to care for our loved ones.

As professional care partners, our education often leans towards the medical or clinical, focusing on state-mandated information, and is often lacking in proper dementia training. We seek to grow in knowledge and understanding of dementia. For those who seek a formal education in dementia, we find a wonderful foundation of the disease process and maybe even a bit of the neuroscience behind what is happening in the brain, but rarely does it give us an understanding of how to become relational with others, helping us cultivate a community that is wealthy in connection, creativity, faith, and joy, one that leads to a dignified life, filled with hope and purpose. 

I have developed each workshop on the foundation of research and experience. It comes from a place of my own growth and listening to the needs and stories of others. Each attendee will build an “ArtBin” of skills, allowing them to be fully present for those they serve, their family, and themselves. The structure of our time together will be a blend of lecture, group conversations, and an experiential component. We will grow and explore together ways to apply our knowledge and understanding so that we may understand this journey a little better, becoming better partners in care each step of the way.

The workshops featured below are designed to fit your needs. From non-profit discounts to large group pricing, and day-long intensives and hour-long webinars, the topics you see below are meant to fit your life. While yes, the day-long training will offer more information than an hour-long webinar, you still will be able to grow in knowledge and understanding during our time together.

The Details

Webinars are 60-90 minutes in length and come with a handout and a free 30-minute follow-up webinar.

Day-long intensives are 6-8 hours in length and come with handouts and a 4-month partnership to help you implement what we create together. This program also comes with a chance to book up to 5 Life Enrichment programs for you, your organizations, or one-on-one with a loved one, at a 35% discount.

The Community of Wealth program is also offered as a full series for organizations and comes with all 4 programs, handouts, conversations with individual teams and is done as a 4-6 month partnership. This program may also be done as a 12-month subscription training package. Contact for full details on this offering.

Participate in all 4 programs to become a certified Creative Engagement Specialist.

Wealthy in Creativity

Creative Engagement and Dementia – Cultivating a vibrant community through the understanding and power of creativity. How by engaging in creativity the entire community has a chance to flourish.

Wealthy in Connection

Building a Successful Life Enrichment Team and Program. Looking at your current calendar and discovering how to expand on what you already offer and create new programs.

Wealthy in Faith

In partnership with the Hem of Christ, learning how to offer opportunities to practice one’s faith while living with dementia. This is great for Churches, Faith Organizations, and Care Communities.

Wealthy in Joy

Living a 3- Dimensional Life, Fully Alive, while on the Care Partner Journey. Great for family and professional care partners.

Regular Webinar
with 30 Minute Follow-up
Non-Profit, Student, Emerging Professional Webinar
Regular Day Long Workshops and Training
Non-Profit, Student, Emerging Organization Day Long Workshops and Training